“sir,please show me your ticket”.suddenly these words by the TTE interfered
my vendettas with the deity.After showing my ticket,i relished for a while after
reading my SMS from Raunak.Raunak was planning to elope with Monica.
This was not
a very shocking news which would have made me stagnant.Rather, 2012 was appearing
to me as a year of love marriages percolating among all the youngsters of my age.

……”I am still awaiting my chance to enter into the realm of true love.I have
seen a lot of romantic movies and have read a plenty of romantic novels.Everyday,
i imagine myself to be one of the character of romantic movies/novels but still
have not deciphered the real meaning of love.The almighty has kept me bereft of
this holy word with which every creature of this planet associate itself at some
course of time”………
The sprouting weeds of failure were clearly visible on my
face.i felt as if i was in tatters.Again, i engaged myself into my vendettas with
the almighty who was having a dalliance with my soul.I was feeling jealous of my
soul who felt elated for having a perfect love affair with the almighty since my
birth on this planet.
This jealousy forged a villain as ME.The only purpose of ME
was to vitiate this romance.ME was getting his appalling power from both the god
and my soul and it was a very easy task for him to destroy the immortal love.ME
has roots originated from my engineer’s brain which compelled him to do a final
research on the pure romance before vitiating it.First time in my life, i felt
proud of my degree from a private engineering college.ME started his
toughest research work without wasting a second.ME entered inside me and reached
the sacred place where my soul was physically intimating with the deity.ME got
excited after watching the pure real love making scene,but his sense of excitement
was an aberration.After completing his research work he submitted his report and
awaited my decision.I started reading the report…
“The romance between the
deity and your soul is unique.It seems as if they both are perfectly made for each
other.Generally, even so called pure dalliance between two opposite sex of this
planet contain some elements of greediness.But in this case i couldn’t find a single
element having weeds of greediness.They both protect their romance as well as
protect you.Every moment you are attacked by millions of devils present on this
planet.It is only the appalling power of the supremacy’s immortal love with your soul
that eludes you from the weapons(negative thinking) of the demons.You will be
astonished to know that you are their only child and they are the best parents of
this whole have succeeded to reach your goals only due to their
blessings(positive energy) on you.These blessings always compel you to move on
the path of real success.Your surrounding is full of blessings and weapons.The
weapons always try to deteriorate the effect of blessings on you.Blessings are forged
only by the holy romance of the deity and your soul.The devils present all over
the universe try to forge weapons which can destroy the pure romance and plunge
into the realm of darkness.This process is going on since your birth and will
continue till your end”
…….The whole report made me stagnant for a long period
of time.I had known the real meaning of true love and much more above than this.
My jealousy got converted into inner happiness(a kind of i have never felt before)
ME peered into new ME to play the role of a hero.ME entered the sacred place and
started the role of a soldier to fight with weapons and protect the immortal love.
suddenly my phone started ranging..I came
out of my motionless position to be stagnant again.My mom announced me the news of
my final selection in upsc examination.Tears roll down from my eyes.This time my
hero ME whose roots originated from my brain sensed the future and made me to do
the same job he was doing .I am going to be an ips officer and a soldier to save
the immortal love of the deity and the soul of my country INDIA….


About mihirmukul

just a word SIMPLE defines me in all aspects....i just go by this word and take everything to be a synonym of this word..sometimes this word attracts its foe and i m surrounded by complications...but again simply the best is the word SIMPLE and i m enjoying the way to be simple and live my life...
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